Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Change and Determination

Late post today but wanted to start with the mileage I got in this morning. A little over 6 on another beautiful sunny day. I should probably mix up my loop more but the river has really been a source of comfort for me as of late.

On my run this morning I didnt bring my ipod but instead used the time to sort my thoughts. There are definite changes coming one way or another and right now I need to determine how best to handle them.

Thinking back on my time growing up and even sometimes now I tend to blame my dad for a lot of my self confidence issues, but I must say that if he taught me anything it was to stick up for yourself and if you set a goal work towards it with all the determination that you have.

So with that said I have taken the following steps ( so far)

1) Keep things in perspective - When things seem like they are on the brink of imploding I always tend to play out the scenarios in my head. What's the worse case scenario?

2) Leverage the support of my family- While they might not be able to solve my problems they are always there to encourage and support me

3) Leverage my network of friends- This one has been huge for me. I am really happy that I stayed in touch with a lot of my high school classmates and former colleagues as they are proving to be great resources for me.

While I am still feeling a little anixous about the happenings of this week I'm also in a weird sort of peaceful place and really believe that with hard work and determination things will turn out ok.

So with that said , time to finish lunch and get back on the phones.
If you have any suggestions on how you handle change feel free to share I can definitely use inspiration too.

Have a great day, and I promise these posts will get more upbeat again soon.

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