Monday, September 12, 2011

Dealing with Stress

After my exercise endorphins wore off this morning, I was quickly back into feeling overwhelmed and stressed. My deals at work keep pushing out which means less comissions, less money coming in, bills not getting paid on time its a vicious circle that if you let it really starts to eat at you.

Luckily one of my responsibilties is picking Grace and Tim up from school and driving them to my mom's house until I get out of work later in the day.

No matter how stressed I am feeling,when I see their little faces coming out of school excited to see me, if definitely helps to improve my mood.

I made it through the rest of the afternoon, sat in ridiculous amounts of traffic to pick the kids up at my Moms and headed home to make dinner. Tonight on the menu tacos rice and corn. I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach with this plate as i couldn't finish it all.

After dinnner Grace and I finished her homework got her and Tim to bed. Connor hung out in the back watching power rangers samurai for the millionth time and I did a 20 minute crunch chisel on demand workout for a little bit of endorphins. I chose not to add additional mileage tonight

Well thats the recap for today nothing too exciting. Hope everyone has a great rest of the night.

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