Friday, December 9, 2011

Keeping Busy

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the lack of blogging this week, the past couple days I have been trying to work on some other projects and by the time the kids are in bed I'm asleep on the couch.

Today was another busy day. I started the day with a session as the gym. I got a couple miles in on the treadmill, some eliptical, and a little bit of weights. The past couple days were a lot more cardio intensive so I kept it a little lighter today since I knew I would be getting some cleaning done too.

After the gym I headed home for a follow up phone interview. Another interesting opportunity in a similar field to my last position so we'll see. This time of year is interesting because a lot of people are planning for the start of the new calendar year, but at the same time interviews and decisions are being delayed because of the holidays. I figure the best thing I can do at this point is to get in front of as many potential employers as I can so that has been my focus.

After my interview Connor and I headed to Kohls to get one more little thing for Grace. Connor is a typical guy who doesn't really like to shop

Shopping for the kids is officially done. I am glad that I started to get a little bit for each of them early while I was still working. None of them are getting big expensive things but I think they will be happy. The rest of our gift giving is going to focus more around food as I will be making cookies tins for our out of the house gifts, and we will be hosting two parties one on Christmas eve and Christmas day. The economic stress of not working is definitely getting a little consuming but I am trying to keep in the holiday spirit regardless as I think 2012 is going to be a much better year for us.

So on that note I'm going to get a couple more hours of sleep before I'm up for the gym. Got another couple phone interviews lined up for later today so hopefully that will translate into some in person ones next week. Hope everyone has a good Friday.

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