Monday, December 19, 2011

Math Test Monday

Happy Monday everyone. Today seemed to go by quickly. I started the day with a good cardio session at the gym. 30 minutes of stairclimber and 1.3 miles on the treadmill. I didn't get to the gym as early as I would have liked so I made this the first half of my workout with the plan to add on a couple miles at home later on.

When I got home from the gym I got the kids out the door for school and then worked on a beef stew for the crockpot. I love our crockpot because it helps me to stay on track with meal planning and its also nice to have dinner ready for you when you come home.

After prepping the stew, I got a quick shower in, dropped off Connor and headed down for the testing I was mentioning yesterday. They gave you about 90 questions with a lot of word questions mixed in, but only gave you 16 minutes to do as many as you could. I definitely didnt finish. I would say I probably got maybe 60% of them done. I had assumed that we would be able to use a calculator too, but we were not so that also slowed me down. The second part of the test was more of a personality profiling test. I have taken ones similar to this before. I was there for close to two hours so hopefully I did well.

Tomorrow I am having my first in person interview for another opportunity. Interviewing is a lot like prospecting. You are trying to get yourself in front of as many opportunities as possible and then once you get interest create the best presentation you can.

Besides interviews I am also busy getting Christmas stuff in order. We are having people over Christmas eve and Christmas day so the next couple days will also include cleaning, and foodshopping, baking, and lots of last minute touches.

The stew turned out yummy and was a nice way to warm up for the chilly weather today. After dinner I got another 2.05 miles in on the treadmill.
Tomorrow I am planning on a few more miles as well as some time on the bike so we will see how early I can get to the gym.

Well time to help get the kids to bed. Hope everyone had a good start to the week. Goodnight.

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