Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More interviewing and the start of party prep

Hi everyone another busy day is just about done. Today started with a good cardio session at the gym. 8 miles on the bike and 2 miles treadmill. I had planned on getting a couple more this evening but hubby needed to catch up on his rest so I took over cleanup and bedtime duty.

After the gym I headed home and started on mount laundry. I got about 4 loads done but considering that we create a load just showering I have about 10-12 to go not including the clothes we got dirty today. Lugging that stuff up from the basement definitely counts as some additional cardio too. I also finally got the upstairs bathroom cleaned. I don't use this one as frequently as everyone else but since I clean the downstairs one twice as much it was time.

Later in the morning I had my second interview of the week. Another good opportunity that would definitely let me leverage my skills and experience and would be a nice transition resume wise so we'll see. I was supposed to have a follow up interview with another opportunity tomorrow, but it got postponed so I plan on continuing with the cleaning and planning for the two parties we have upcoming this weekend.

After the interview I got the wholesale club run done with. We are now prepped with our sterno pans, fuel, plates, cutlery, and liquor. Tomorrow I will be picking up the honey baked ham (yum) and maybe a few last little stocking stuffers. The rest of the food shopping will probably get done Friday morning as I am not going anywhere near the supermarket on Saturday if I can help it.

When we got home from the errands and I got everything put away I felt a lot like this

I managed to sneak in an hour nap before getting up to make dinner. Tonight we had a yummy stirfry followed by a chocolate cupcake for dessert.

Well if I am going to get up in time for the gym tomorrow I should probably be heading to bed. Hope everyone has a good night.

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