Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sister Sunday

Happy Sunday. Today was a chilly one, and the most time I spent outdoors was on my morning run with my sister Amy. She came over to my house today so we did my 5 mile normal river loop. Compared to the hills at her house and the hills I ran with my friend Lynn a few weeks ago, this felt nice and flat which was nice. I also like getting outdoor mileage in because you go a lot further than when you force yourself to get mileage in on the treadmill. The one downfall of running outside though is literally freezing your butt off. Luckily we have a nice pellet stove in our back living room and I parked myself on the couch closest to it for a couple hours when we were done :-)

After my long winter's nap I made the kids lunch and then practiced some math for a test I need to take tomorrow. One of my job opportunities is having me in to take a math and personality profile test. Since I'm an English major math tests always have made me nervous. I looked at the practice test online and got just about all of the questions right so I should be fine, its just giving yourself the refresher on things like algebra with the please pardon my dear aunt sally acronym for dealing with parenthesis and exponents and all that fun stuff.

After my cram session I worked on some ebay lots. Since we are bringing in substantially less income than when I was working, and all the part time jobs seem to be taken, this is a way that I can bring in a little extra income. I certainly am not getting rich by any means by an extra 20 to 30 dollars while cleaning up some of the things the kids have outgrown seem like a win/win to me. Today I worked on some of Grace's stuff. I typically will make a few piles. One is an ebay pile, I give my sis some stuff for my neices, and I also give some to the goodwill. I was able to make a couple nice size 4 lots

Next up is getting the kiddos to bed, then its the Next Iron Chef Finale. I will let you know how the test goes tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good night.