Tuesday, September 27, 2011

sorry for the MIA

Hey everyone, Im still here this is the week of fiscal year end at work so between meetings and calls and proposals its been a little crazy. I am still getting my workout ins but eating wise well im giving myself a little slack. I will definitely get back on track next week as things wont be in such a state of limbo as they are now. This morning I slept in a little as I didnt go to bed until close to midnight. I still managed 1.5 miles on the treadmill, 15 mins eliptical, and 10 mins of rowing. I hope to get to bed a little earlier tonight and get a longer workout in tomorrow. That's the update on me. Hope everyone has a good night.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Another long week ahead

Hey everyone, I'm starting this post while its still Sunday so it will count as my Sunday post. Started the day with some nice french toast with the family. I then headed out on a long run but the humidity is back around here so I ended up cutting a little for a total of 8.69 miles.

After the run I made lunch for everyone and the kiddos took their naps while I did a little cleaning and made the meatballs for dinner.

We then headed over to the park for a little fun before dinner. We all got home ate and then I got the kids ready for bed while Hubby brought Jake back up to his dad's.

This week is the last week of our fiscal year.

Thought this was a cute way of symbolizing the goal I have ahead of me.
Management has put some deadlines on me that I may not be able to acheive. If you have been reading the last couple weeks you will see that my posts havent been super cheery as this is really taking a little bit of a toll on me. However spending time with my family this weekend and getting some rest really helped to put things in perspective. I can only control what I can control and if things don't work out, well then there is a new opportunity around the corner for me.

As far as fitness goals this week, I'm easing back on myself as my half marathon is next Sunday so my goal at this point is to workout everyday but I'm not going to stress out on mileage.

So that's the update for me. It is now Monday and I should get some sleep before I try to get a workout in. At this point I'm going to hang in there and see what happens

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The weekend is finally here

Hey everyone sorry for no post yesterday, decided to just unplug for the night and get away from the computer.

The day started out rainy. i was kinda hoping that soccer would be cancelled but I'm glad we got the games in as it is always fun hanging out with the kids.

It was also nice that I had some extra help. Nana came to visit
Had my assistant coach there today too which made things a ton easier.

Both games went pretty well. My U8 group only had 6 of the 11 show up so the kids that showed up played the whole game. About half of my U6 team showed and our opposing team didnt show at all so we ended up splitting up onto two other teams. It was pretty much organized chaos but they had fun.

After soccer we headed home to recharge our batteries

This afternoon I got a lighter workout in, 3 miles on the treadmill and 3 miles on the bike followed by some weights. After the gym me and the brood got foodshopping done and then headed home for dinner.

Tomorrow I plan on a longer run as this is the last weekend before my half. Time to veg on the couch a little. Hope everyone has a good night.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today was better

Good evening everyone. Getting wrapped up in Grey's so my post is a little late tonight. Today was a lighter exercise day. When I got up the plan was to go outside for a run but it was dark, rainy, and foggy so I opted to run at the gym. Got 4.20 miles in on the treadmill with the intent of getting a mile or two more in at soccer tonight.

The extra mileage didnt happen because rain cancelled soccer. I was kind of relieved that practice was cancelled because I've definitely been burning the candle at both ends, but kinda bummed that I didn't get to see my soccer kids as watching them learn really makes me happy.

On the job front I actually got a small deal in today. Not the total number I need to get some breathing room, but made me feel good just the same. I have also had a lot of good conversations amongst my network so I know that good things will be coming one way or another.

Because of exhaustion, and because it was payday we did takeout pizza for dinner. Hubby and I shared a brick over pizza with sausage and carmelized onions that was really delicious, I took a pic of just one piece with my salad below but I must confess I ate two other slices too.

Tomorrow will be a gym day. I hope to make up a little mileage but if I fall short of my goals this week I'm giving myself a pass because I think I have done a pretty good job of keeping things together lately.

So that's it for my thoughts tonight. I need to continue to work on some proposals and call lists to be prepared for tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good night and talk to you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The power of networking

Well here we are half way through the week. Today's workout was 11 miles on the expresso bike and some free weights.

Got through another day of work, made my dials, worked on some proposals and did some more networking to better my current situation.

Something that is continuing to help me feel better about things is the strong network of friends and family I have acquired over the years. I have sent out a lot of requests over there last week and its amazing how many people are willing to go to bat for you. I'm really hoping that working hard on both my current role and my networking will result in something positive next month but that is still to be seen I guess.

I will try to make more time for a real post tomorrow just burning it at both ends right now so a little exhausted. Hope everyone has a good night.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Monday

That weekend sure went by quick. I stayed up way too late last night so in order to try to get some sleep I slept in until about 5:30 this morning. Because I got to the gym later than I had wanted to, I did the Grape Stomper 12.18 mile route on the expresso bike. I intended to do some treadmill tonight but instead I think I'm going to get to bed earlier and add some mileage on tomorrow.

After my workout it was on to work. After a really long and stressful week last week, I made the decision that at this point all I can do is my best and what will happen will happen.

I did come across a very cool quote from Eleanor Roosevelt which stated
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" Certain people have tried to make me feel inferior this year. Reading this quote provided a very important reminder that i haven't and will not allow them to.

This week I am going to keep the run mileage goal at 30 miles, the biking at 36 miles and 4-20 minute strength sessions.

Well I have to send a few emails then heading to bed. Hope everyone has a great night.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Race for Ryan's Cup 5k

Its Sunday night already. This weekend seemed to fly by. Today was a race day. The race for Ryan's cup 5k. I typically don't do two races in a month but it was a good cause and helped to support a colleague that lost his son.

It was a great day for a run as the fall weather is starting to move in here in New England.

We arrived about an hour early and got our race numbers

Next up was a little warm up in the bouncy house

Then it was time for the kids to line up

Ready... set...go!

All the kids got a medal for finishing

Next up was my turn. Since I'm in long race mode with my half a few weeks
away, a 5k didnt seem that hard, however it was later in the morning than
I normally run so I felt a little tired but ended up hitting a new pr for
a 5k of 25:30.

We hung out for a cookout and a little more time in the bouncy house
and then headed home to get some chores done. I would definitely do
this race again as they really made it a family event.

Well time to finish up some work and get to bed. I will post my goals
for the week tomorrow night and hopefully get a little more on track from
last week. Goodnight.

Saturday Recap

Well its technically Sunday now but fell asleep on the couch so another late post. The events of the week caught up to me and I knew I had a full day of soccer ahead so I chose to give myself a break from my planned run.

Today was picture day at soccer. In the past I have had my husband there to help wrangle the kids, but since he's working on Saturdays for a little extra income I was solo with the brood.

Now its challenge enough to get my biological kids through the picture lines but I also needed to wrangle 11 under 8 kids and 9 under 6 kids for team photos so that itself was part of my workout today. After that coaching the actual games seemed easy.

Jake's game was later in the day so we headed home for a quick lunch and some hydration.

After lunch we headed back to the field to watch Jake's game. It was nice to be a spectator for this one and get a little vitamin D from the sun. I still felt like I wanted to try to get a little workout in after the game but the mornings events had us all feel more like this

Despite wanting to park myself on the couch when I got home. I had hubby take the kids and headed to the gym. The intent was to do a little biking and a little running. The result, I got a 7.8 mile workout in on the expreeso bike and then called it a workout.

I used the remaining time to go across the street and finish foodshopping so at least I got that chore crossed off for tomorrow.

As far as my goals for the week. I ended up with 42.3 miles on the bike, 22.67 miles run, 4-20 min strength sessions, and 2-10 min ab sessions. I got up all stressed this morning how I was going to try to fit a 7 mile run in to make my run goal, and I knew I had to be on time for soccer so I gave myself a pass. I also skipped the run and chose the bike because I have a 5k later today.

I am proud with these numbers because there were a couple days this week that I didnt really want to do anything under than stay under the covers. If I have learned anything, it is that I am at my best when I start the day with a good workout.

After I got home from the gym it was spaghetti and meatball night. This is always a crowd pleaser

When dinner was finished I crashed on the couch and was alseep pretty soon after. I am getting ready to head upstairs and get a few more hours before the kids get up. I will be back later with a race recap and new goals for the week. Hope everyone has a good Sunday.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Feeling Better

Hi Everyone,
Another late post but the day got away from me. I think the night is actually a better time for me to post because I can reflect on the days events and mentally prepare for the next day.

Anyway today started with a 5.93 mile run. The air was nice and cool and you can tell fall is on its way. Was home today so got some email and calls taken care of. Also got the stockup at the wholesale club done. So overall a productive day.

I'm finally taking the time to put the weeks events in perspective and I'm starting to feel a lot better about things. It also helps that I have received tremendous amounts of support from friends and family so for those of you that read my blog, thank you, your support means more than you know.

The other thing that helped me feel better today was this

Dinner tonight was baked haddock, mashed garlic potatoes and broccoli I know that is a rather large helping of potatoes but I'm finally starting to get an appetite back so I figured my body could use a little extra fuel today.

Time to get started on preparations for tomorrow my two teams play in the morning and Jake has an afternoon game. Its also soccer picture day so hopefully everyone will cooperate. Hope everyone has a good night.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moving Forward

Hi everyone sorry for the late post. Work prevented me from getting to blog this morning. This morning started with a 10 mile expresso bike ride and 1.5 miles on the treadmill. My plan was to do 12 on the bike but they were all taken when i got there so i ran out of time.

It was another stressful day at work but finally had the meeting I had been anticipating so now I can start to create a plan on moving forward.

After work I rushed over to get the kiddos at my mom and headed for my U8 soccer practice. It really relaxed me to hang out with the kids and work on developing their soccer skills while refreshing my own.

After soccer we decided to get some Chinese.I know this is not the healthiest of choices but my stomach has been kind of off with everything this week so i was happy to actually feel like eating.

I ended up with lomein noodles and some beef skewers. I also had a few chicken fingers not pictured here

It was good but by the time we ate I was just ready to collapse and cuddle with this guy

I had planned to do a little strength work but Im physically and mentally exhausted so heading to bed. Hope everyone has a good night.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Change and Determination

Late post today but wanted to start with the mileage I got in this morning. A little over 6 on another beautiful sunny day. I should probably mix up my loop more but the river has really been a source of comfort for me as of late.

On my run this morning I didnt bring my ipod but instead used the time to sort my thoughts. There are definite changes coming one way or another and right now I need to determine how best to handle them.

Thinking back on my time growing up and even sometimes now I tend to blame my dad for a lot of my self confidence issues, but I must say that if he taught me anything it was to stick up for yourself and if you set a goal work towards it with all the determination that you have.

So with that said I have taken the following steps ( so far)

1) Keep things in perspective - When things seem like they are on the brink of imploding I always tend to play out the scenarios in my head. What's the worse case scenario?

2) Leverage the support of my family- While they might not be able to solve my problems they are always there to encourage and support me

3) Leverage my network of friends- This one has been huge for me. I am really happy that I stayed in touch with a lot of my high school classmates and former colleagues as they are proving to be great resources for me.

While I am still feeling a little anixous about the happenings of this week I'm also in a weird sort of peaceful place and really believe that with hard work and determination things will turn out ok.

So with that said , time to finish lunch and get back on the phones.
If you have any suggestions on how you handle change feel free to share I can definitely use inspiration too.

Have a great day, and I promise these posts will get more upbeat again soon.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Its a new day

So I think I worried myself to exhaustion last night fell asleep on the couch at 10:30 at woke up there around 3:30. I woke up determined today to make this a better day.

Since I was up early I got an extra long carido session in today. I did the gutbuster 11 mile course on the expresso bike and a 2.5 mile run on the treadmill. Tonight I plan on doing a core specific workout from exercise tv but haven't decided on which one yet.

I know that this is the week before "my week"( sorry male readers) so my hormone levels are a little crazy but I am trying to put things in perspective and surround myself with positivity. I thought I would start by making a list of things that I am thankful for.

1) I am thankful for my family. A supportive husband and father, 4 smart healthy kids that drive me crazy at time but who I'm proud of and love just the same. Knowing that they depend on me to help develop and support them keeps me pushing along.

2) My Mom and Sister- My mom is always there when I need her, she watches the kids, is always there for support and is just an overall awesome person. My sister is also great, she is always there for support and was part of my inspiration to lose weight like she did. She also got me to start running and I look forward to racing again with her soon.

3) My job- While this year has been frustrating, I am glad that my company has offered me a way of helping to support my family. I hope some of the changes coming up for the fiscal year will equate to more earning and career potential but with the way the economy is now a days I am grateful to be starting my 5th year here.

4) My health- I am glad that I took the time and continue to take the time to make my health a priority. I am grateful that my body allowed me to give birth to 4 beautiful healthy children, that my legs are strong and allow me to run long distances, that my arms are strong and are able to pick up and play with my kids.

So this post has taken a little bit of a mushy turn but I need to keep reminding myself that while things are not ideal at the moment, they could be a lot worse and that I should be grateful for all that I do have.

I just finished a promising call with a client who may sign on this month so this day is already heading in the right direction. Hope you can all take a minute to think about what your thankful for when things start to get a little overwhelming.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dealing with Stress

After my exercise endorphins wore off this morning, I was quickly back into feeling overwhelmed and stressed. My deals at work keep pushing out which means less comissions, less money coming in, bills not getting paid on time its a vicious circle that if you let it really starts to eat at you.

Luckily one of my responsibilties is picking Grace and Tim up from school and driving them to my mom's house until I get out of work later in the day.

No matter how stressed I am feeling,when I see their little faces coming out of school excited to see me, if definitely helps to improve my mood.

I made it through the rest of the afternoon, sat in ridiculous amounts of traffic to pick the kids up at my Moms and headed home to make dinner. Tonight on the menu tacos rice and corn. I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach with this plate as i couldn't finish it all.

After dinnner Grace and I finished her homework got her and Tim to bed. Connor hung out in the back watching power rangers samurai for the millionth time and I did a 20 minute crunch chisel on demand workout for a little bit of endorphins. I chose not to add additional mileage tonight

Well thats the recap for today nothing too exciting. Hope everyone has a great rest of the night.

Motivational Monday

Good morning everyone. The weekend went by way too quick. I'm glad to say that even though the kids drove me a little nuts I had fun hanging out with them both days and was a little sad that it was back to work and school today.

Its definitely getting harder to get out of bed now that its pretty dark at 5:20am. I woke up with a lot on my mind, end of fiscal year stress, financial stress, kid responsibility stress. The old Tracy would have resorted to sleeping in and a nice plate of comfort food, but I got up strapped my sneakers on and headed out the door to start on my mileage goal for the week.

Got a nice 6.62 loop in today. Similar to my last outdoor run on Saturday but I added a little bit at the end. I will probably do some incline work on the treadmill tonight after dinner to add a few more miles in for the day.

I'm glad that I got up for my run. While I still had all those things to worry about when I got back, I sure felt a lot better. The endorphins definitely help you to put things in perspective and in the end things tend to work out one way or another.

The weather was nice and cool and I would have liked to go longer but I had to get back so that my husband could take these guys to school

Once I got to work I had breakfast. Today on the menu was nutragrain waffles with a smear of peanut butter and some butter light syrup for dipping.

Well time to make some more calls. Hope you can all find something to help motivate your Monday.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Recap

Good evening everyone today as well as this weekend seemed to fly by.

To recap last weeks goals I did get at least 6 hours of sleep each night. Last night it was more like 9 as I must have been wiped out from soccer. I met my mileage goal of 32 miles running, fell slightly short of my biking goal at 35.4 miles, fell slightly short of my reverse eliptical goal by 5 minutes because that one day at the gym I ran out of time, and met my strength goal with 4-20 minute sessions completed.

This week I am keeping the sleep,biking,and strength goal the same. I am lowering the run mileage to 30 and switching reverse eliptical for ab work.

I am lowering the run mileage because my half is in a couple weeks and I should start tapering a little, but also because I have soccer responsibilities. I added the ab work because although my other exercise targets this area I want to dedicate some time specifically to working on my leftover baby pooch.

Today the day started with a 13.5 mile ride on the expresso bike followed by 15 mins of weights. I also did a 20 min strength session after dinner.

We needed to get Grace new shoes and I needed to start adding a few pairs of pants to the rotation for fall so we headed to the mall.

We got Grace some new sneaks and a couple new outfits here is the one she wants to wear to school tomorrow

I was successful in picking out a pair of pants too another size 4 :-)
The picture isn't the greatest but the spots are on the changing room mirror not the pants

The kids also had a good time with the mirrors

We also checked out the new sporting goods store. Grace had a good time beating up on the dummy

And Jake had fun being Mr. Cool

We walked around for about an hour then stopped for a little pit stop Aunt Ann pretzel sticks and lemonade.

On the way home we stopped at the park for the kids to run off some energy.

So overall it was another fun day. I did get a couple chores done when I got home but haven't started on ebay stuff yet hopefully I'll be able to get to that this week as well. Right now I have to wrap this up and get things laid out for the start of the week tomorrow. I hope everyone has a good night.

Has it really been 10 years?

Good morning readers, well technically afternoon as the morning got away from me today with still lots left to do for the day.

Today as we mark the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 I can't believe its been 10 years. I can remember when I heard about the first plane hitting. I was working at my job at Comcast and a coworker stood up and announced that the person she was talking to on the phone told her that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. Soon after that we were all huddled in the training room watching the rest unfold.

It wasn't until the days followed that I learned a family friend was on the second plane. Brian Kinney.

Brian's brother Timmy had gone to school with my brother Jay and our mothers were close friends. I distinctly remember Brian because while most of my brothers friends would have fun teasing Jay's little sister, Brian was always very nice to me. Over the years our families didn't see each other much but from all the tributes and memorials that I have seen it seems that he was always the same nice guy.

The events of this day will always be with us and I will continue to keep the families of the victims in my prayers. As my kids get older I will explain to them how this day changed our country and how we should also be grateful to those who have given their lives and those that continue to fight for our freedom.

Brian along with countless others were innocent victims that day. They are gone but will definitely not be forgotten.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Soccer Saturday

Hi Everyone just got home from a long day at the soccer field. We had beautiful weather and the kids all did great.

My morning started early with a run. I did a 5.8 mile loop which ended up being a partial reverse loop from my run yesterday. I think I still need a little over 2 to make my mileage goal for the week so I am going to try to get those done on the treadmill later when the kids are in bed.

Once I got home there was enough time to change my clothes and head over to the first game which was my U8 Razorbacks.

This is the first year I am coaching the U8 group as Grace recently moved up and while I played in the league for over 9 years I was a little rusty on the rules like how many kids on the field, when we can sub stuff like that. By the second quarter we had settled into a groove and this first game gave me information on what we are going to cover at next practice.
The kids all seemed to be having a good time

Next up was my second coaching duty for my returning U6 team the Bobcats.
Luckily I had a lot of returning kids so learning the names were a lot easier. Tim did really well it was nice to see him run around more this year

And of course we had oranges. The kids are always excited at this treat

After Tim's game we got some lunch. I typically would have packed lunches but as a first day treat we got some food at Wendy's. By then I was starving as I hadn't eaten anything but my prerun nutragrain bar so the picture of my food already has a few bites missing :-)

I was just happy to be sitting down

After Lunch it was Jake's turn this one I just had to watch and cheer him on.

After Jake's game we headed over to the farm stand to get some salad supplies. We go to Gary's in Littleton. It's a small drive from our house but the produce is always great and the prices are very reasonable

Well time to start on that salad. Luckily I made meatballs ahead of time so dinner will be easy and hopefully the busy day will mean early bedtime for the kids tonight. Hope everyone has a great rest of the day.