Monday, November 28, 2011

Date Night Recap

Good morning everyone. Because of getting home late from date night I didn't get a chance to blog until this morning. Yesterday started off with a good session at the gym 30 minutes stairclimber, 30 minutes bike and 20 minutes of weights.

When I got back from the gym I started cleaning out the closets to see what I could still use for the boys, possibly some presents that I could reuse for the kids this year since they get so much we put some in the attic and to start putting together ebay auctions as I am continuing to stress on how we are going to get everything paid on time.

I did get a little break from the stress though as we got the chance to have a little date night with the free concert tickets that I had won a couple weeks back from Oldies 103.3 in Boston.

We headed down to the Garden around 6pm

Since the concert didn't start until 7:30 we headed across the street for a preconcert drink

Next we headed over to get our seats for the Trans Siberian Orchestra. We had heard some of their music during Christmas time but never saw them live so it was a nice treat.

The first half of the show was more Christmasy and the second half was more rock n roll.

At one point they made it snow inside the garden which was cool although it didn't translate well to a picture. Hubby and I could also feel the heat from the pyrotechnics they set up so we can only imagine how warm the performers were on stage

I would definitely recommend seeing them. They put on a great show. After the concert we headed to my mom's and got the kiddos home. They were a little cranky heading to school today but not too bad. Today I plan on organizing some more and getting some ebay auctions started. First off though is getting a workout in. I ate kinda horribly all weekend so hoping to get back on track today before the stress eating leaves me with no clothes to wear :-). Hope everyone has a good start to the week.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Festival of Lights

Hey everyone was going to post earlier but fell asleep on the couch after dinner. Today started with 4 miles on the treadmill, 10 minutes of rowing, and a little ab work.

After breakfast we took the boys who hadn't got haircuts the week before to get them and then spent the rest of the morning at the park. It was a beautiful unusually warm fall day with temps in the 60's.

After lunch we waited for hubby to get back from the gym and then headed downtown to the festival of lights parade.

This was our fist time attending this event, and I must say we all had a great time.

After watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Grace kept mentioning how she hoped Dora would be at the parade. We tried to set the expectation that this parade was different and she probably wouldn't be there, but to our surprise she actually was at the parade

Despite all the pics I didn't get the best shot of all Santa, as my phone camera froze but I did get one of a cute Santa float so that will have to
do in its place

Well time to head to bed. Tomorrow night is date night with hubby as we are going to the concert I won tickets for a couple weeks back so should be a good time. Hope everyone has a good night.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Time to Decorate

Happy Friday. Since we are on a very strict budget while I'm looking for new employment I skipped the black friday madness. An added benefit of this was a just about empty gym this morning. I got 30 minutes of stairclimber, 20 minutes on the bike, and 20 minutes of weights. I also ran into a former colleague so we got to chat and catch up a little.

Hubby worked today for his brother so I was home with the kiddos. I had planned on getting out with them but it turned into more of a cleaning/lounging around the house kind of day. I made a batch of turkey soup, and got some laundry done. I also dragged the Christmas tree and ornaments up from the basement which immediately got the kids all excited.

I got the tree up but we waited until daddy got home to decorate.

Tomorrow if Connor cooperates I might try to get a pic of all the kids together but I got a few cute solo shots today

Well its time to get ready for bed. They have a festival of lights tomorrow in the city so I think we are going to try to check that out. Hope everyone has a good night.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi everyone before I'm totally in a food coma I figured I would log on to give a recap of the day.

I actually ended up over sleeping a little but still made it down in plenty of time for the Feaster Five. They had a 5 mile and 5k race. I chose to do the 5 mile. It was a little cold but at least it wasn't raining.

The kids and hubby came to cheer me on, although the only one that really had an interest in taking a picture was Grace

8:25 it was time to line up for the race

I finished the race in 44:55. The race was very well organized for 10,000 participants. I would defnitely register for this race again. All the finishers also received a pie

After the race we headed home and had a pretty leisurely afternoon. Since Jake didn't come home from his Dad's until later in the afternoon we had our dinner around 6pm so that he could be part of it. The turkey came out awesome thanks to hubby the turkeymaster

Even though things are not ideal with being out of work right now today reminded me how fortunate that I am. I have a loving family, a roof over our head , and got to share a delicious meal. Now to get that loving family to bed. I hope everyone had a great day with their family too. Goodnight.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

Today started out rainy and dreary and I knew that the kids had an early release day so I headed to the gym early to get my workout in. I did 8 miles on the bike and 20 minutes of stairclimber. I had intended to do some core work as well but ended up cooking most of the day in preparation for tomorrow.

We are not hosting anyone but it feels more like a holiday when you make some things you normally wouldn't. First I started with banana nut muffins

Next I worked on the potato stuffing for the turkey.

After I was done the stuffing I decided to make a cookie option as well in case we have people drop by after dinner.

These are glazed gingerbread spice cookies

After all this baking which of course includes sampling I felt the need for something healthier so I put together a chicken stir fry for dinner.

Tomorrow I am running a 5 mile race before we put the turkey in for dinner. This is a popular local race so they had an expo set up to get your things ahead of time. The kids and I went to pick up my bib number so I would be ready to go in the morning.

So overall today turned out to be a productive day. I am looking forward to the race, a yummy dinner and family time tomorrow. Speaking of family I need to help get the kids to bed so I hope everyone has a great night and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tim's Thanksgiving Play Tuesday

Hi everyone another busy day coming to a close. I fell asleep early last night from my day of interviews so I was up early this morning. I started the day with a good cardio session 4.25 miles on the treadmill and 10 minutes of rowing.

After the gym I headed home had a quick breakfast and got ready for Tim's Kindergarten Thanksgiving play

Tim was very excited

After he sang his songs he came to sit with us and we had corn muffins, with butter they had made and apple cider.

After Tim's play Connor and I headed to finish our Thanksgiving foodshopping before the crazy rush tomorrow. Connor always likes when its just him and I at the store.

I thought there might be a little bit of a crowd so I was happy to see this at the checkout

Tomorrow is going to be a cleaning/baking day and I have some time with the bike planned so its time to get ready for bed. Hope everyone has a good night.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Interview Monday

Happy Monday everyone. I had intended to blog yesterday but I had a long hilly 9 mile run and then went out to eat with my parents so by the time I got home I was wiped out.

Today I started the day with an 8.3 mile ride on the bike, 20 mins on the stairclimber, and some weights. After the gym I brought Connor over to my mom's house and finally got a small trim on my hair which was way overdue. I also stopped next door and found a cute new bag which is the perfect size for interviews. Now anyone that knows me knows I am not a purse girl, meaning I wont spend obscene amounts of money on them. This cute tote was only $18 not too bad and serves its purpose.

After my haircut I headed home to get ready for my interview. Today was a second round and I met a total of 5 people over the course of three and half hours. Things seem to go well, the company and products look very interesting and it would definitely be an opportunity for growth career wise so now its a matter of waiting as one of the final candidates isn't interviewing until after the holidays. In the meantime I have a phone interview with another opportunity tomorrow so I am still getting a lot of good activity.

Over the weekend I invested in a couple new outfits for interviews, and eventually work. I bought a dress and a pantsuit. The dress won out for today's meeting

I'll post a picture of the suit when I wear it. In a business casual world it feels a little fancy to dress up, but at the same time it definitely helps to give you a self confidence boost. Well time to get the kiddos tucked in. Tomorrow is an early gym day, followed by Tim's Thanksgiving play at school so I will be back with pictures and a recap of that. Hope everyone has a good night.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mixing it up and maintenance mileage

Hi everyone. Another busy day is coming to a close. I started today with 20 minutes on the eliptical, 1 mile on the treadmill, 10 minutes of rowing and a level 2 of Jillian Michael's 6 week 6 pack.

Since I have tapered back my running mileage, I have been looking to add new things to my rotation, to first keep motivated, but secondly to try to still get a good calorie burn and not gain too much weight with the busy holiday season fast approaching. I forgot how hard a Jillian dvd is. I have only been adding the Jillian routine since Monday, but I am definitely starting to see more definition. After 4 kids I know I wont have a totally flat stomach without some surgical intervention but I can focua on making it as firm as I can.

On the job front I have been selected to move on to a second round interview early next week so hopefully things will continue to go well. In the meantime I have two more interview calls lined up,so I am getting a good amount of activity which is promising.

So thats the update for today. Connor and I are going to go cuddle on the couch. Hope everyone has a good night.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I actually won something

Today was a good day. Woke up a little late so I started with a Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack level 1 routine and I had then planned on getting a run outside.

However Connor wanted to hang out with me so I got some mileage in on the treadmill at home covering 4.25 miles. After that we were off to foodshop.

I got each kids their next present for Christmas, and hit the wholesale club to stock up the freezer with dinner supplies. While I was in the car I heard that they were giving away tickets for the Trans Siberian Orchestra. I called a couple times and got the busy signal, but the third time it started to ring and then the radio announcer picked up I was caller 20 :-)

So on November 27th Hubby and I are going to have a long overdue date night to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra's winter tour at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston.

I am very excited. I never win anything so I'm hoping that this means my luck is starting to change. Hopefully I can continue this good luck tomorrow at my scheduled interview. On that note I'm going to wrap this up so I can get lunches made and head to bed before my early bike session at the gym.

Hope everyone has a good night.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday fun

Today was another fun day. I started out with a hilly 8 mile run with a former colleague from work. I must say that I haven't been doing long runs since my half, so I definitely felt it but it went by pretty quick as we spent the run catching up, this might be the trick to stay motivated with the cold weather approaching.

I planned on making lunch for the kids when I got home but hubby had taken the kids over to a local park so I met him over there.

As usual the kids had a great time

Even Mr.serious who didn't want to smile for the camera

After the park we headed home for lunch then I had a nice snooze by the fire. Tomorrow I have a phone interview on an exciting opportunity and hope to schedule second rounds on another one for later in the week. While money stress and how we are going to get everything paid is making me anxious, I'm trying to not let it overwhelm me. Things have a way of working out so hopefully I will secure a new opportunity soon and be able to enjoy the upcoming holiday season.

Well time to go finish dinner and get things ready for the start of the school week so I hope everyone has a good night and start to the week.