Saturday, January 7, 2012

Celebration Dinner

Today was a pretty good day. Started the morning with my usual gym trip logged 2 miles on the treadill and 30 minutes on the stairclimber. After the gym I headed home and got the kids ready to head out for some more errands.

After lunch we headed out to get the boys haircuts. Well all the boys except Jake who requested that we leave his hair the way it is. After that we headed back to the mall and got Grace and Tim some shoes with their stride right certificates

To celebrate and give me a break from my almost three weeks straight of cooking we went for an early dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. This place is great for kids because its so noisy in there that they can pretty be as loud as they want without bothering anyone.

The peanuts they had on the table however did cause a little trouble as Tim thought he woul be smart and open the shell with his styrophone milk cup. This was the result

After our cleanup we resumed our good time and had a great meal.

Well my eyes are getting tired so I'm going to wrap this up. Tomorrow I might get an outdoor run in as it has been a little warmer that usual but we will see what the day brings. Hope everyone has a great night

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