Sunday, January 29, 2012

End of Cake Fest and Start of a new week

Hi everyone sorry for the mia, I had more formal training the rest of last week and this weekend I got two outdoor runs in which led to lazy napping afternoons :-)

Connor's birthday was a success. He loved his cake and his power ranger doll.

Last week I set these fitness goals

Mileage 4 miles daily
Weights 15 minutes 4 times this week
Biking 15 miles
Crosstrain 3 times with brazillian butt lift

My results
Mileage 31.32 miles
Weights 15 mins 3x
Biking 11 miles
Crosstrain 1 session of brazillian butt lift, 20 mins stairclimber, 35 mins eliptical, 10 mins rowing

I'm pretty pleased with the results. Especially with all the extra party planning last week. This week my goals are going to be

Mileage at least 4 miles a day
Weights 15 mins 4x
Biking 15 miles
Crosstrain at least 4 20 minute sessions including other cardio machines or brazillian butt lift

Today I took advantage of some sunny weather and got 5.37 miles of outdoor mileage in I also did the brazillian butt lift bum bum dvd. Let me tell you the running/butt lift combo really makes you feel those muscles. This week there are no birthdays to get ready for so things will finally get back to normal. On that note I should probably get things ready for tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a good start to the week.


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