Friday, February 17, 2012

Back from the conference

Hey everyone Happy Friday. Sorry for the mia but with the conference this week I had to conserve what little time I had left for sleep.

To recap the trip, we headed down on Monday into Boston. We ended up staying at the Boston Copley Marriot. For those farmilliar with the case it was the scene of the Craiglist Killings that was in the news a couple years back.

Thankfully nothing like that happened on our trip.

I roomed with my friend Pam. Our room was pretty nice

Part of me was grateful for the break, since the weekend before we had been dealing with the stomach bug, but it was kind of a bummer to miss valentines day.

Despite staying out late, and drinking way more than I ever would normally I still managed to get my butt down to the gym. I ran 4 miles each day and did weights a few of those days too. This pic of the gym is a little blurry since I didnt want people to think I was a weirdo but it was pretty nice for a hotel gym.

Getting up that early also let me see some nice sunrises. Our view from our room was pretty nice

Most of our events were more business casual but unlike Kronos, Skillsoft actually dresses up for their award dinners so I got another use out of the dress I wore to my nieces wedding.

It was nice to get home today and get back into the routine of daily life.
I got 3.12 miles in on the treadmill 15 minutes on the treadmill and 15 minutes of weights.

At work I am starting to get things organized now that I have the team I will be supporting. I got a chance to meet them all at the conference and it seems like they will be a very cool group to work with.

At lunch I started the food detox in and got a nice salad which is just what the doctor ordered after all that heavy food. After the salad I got some fresh air outside and got another two miles of walking in.

The rest of today will be organizing and the start of research so on that note I am going to get back to work. Hope everyone had a good week and I will get back to setting goals for next week tomorrow.

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