Monday, February 6, 2012

Fun Weekend Tough Loss

Hey everyone, Happy Monday. Well not exactly happy being a Pats fan and all but another start to the week. The day started today with a modified session at the gym since I had company until late last night, followed by some insomnia and about 4 hours of sleep total. I got 2.5 miles on the treadmill, 15 mins eliptical, 15 mins of weights and abs and the 10 minute bum bum rapido brazillian butt lift dvd done.

To recap the weekend Friday I ended up going home early because of my cold and got my foodshopping out of the way with. Saturday I went to the gym in the morning and then spent most of the day doing prep for the buffet

Everything came out good however I should know better that to eat that kelbasi as I think that had a lot to do with my insomnia last night.
Prior to the big game I ran a 5k with my sis in the morning. We ran the 1.74 miles from my house to the starting line as a warmup so we got almost 5 miles in total in for the day.

I finished in 26:49 although it was unchipped and there was no obvious start signal so I probably actually did a little better than that. I was 36 out of 88 runners for my age division.

There I am starting out well most of me as I ran very close to the guy taking the pic

Here I am finishing, yes I look like I'm about to collapse because by then with my cold I was super dehydrated I was also waving my arms to try to get my son's attention to take a pic of me finishing which turned out worse looking than this one if you can believe that.

But I beat this guy with the stroller who I was neck and neck with the whole time so that was a small victory :-)

Here is my sis number 109 finishing, she is much more photogenic than I when running

So we know by now how the game turned out so I'm not going to dwell on that. Instead I wanted to recap the goals and results for last week.

My goals were
Mileage at least 4 miles a day
Weights 15 mins 4x
Biking 15 miles
Crosstrain at least 4 20 minute sessions including other cardio machines or brazillian butt lift

29.09 miles run/walking
9.2 miles on bike
5 sessions of brazillian butt lift
3- 15 minute sessions of eliptical
3- 15 minute sessions of weights
15 minutes of rowing
15 minutes of stairclimber

I'm pleased with this work. While I didn't hit every goal I did mix it up quite a bit which hopefully will help me to prevent from plateauing or gaining back some weight. Now that the superbowl and birthdays are over I'm hoping to eat a little more cleanly although next week I will be on a business trip so we will see how well that works out.

As far as goals for this week I am going to keep them the same. Welll time to get back to work so hope everyone has a good start to the week.

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