Sunday, February 26, 2012

Haircut Day

Hey everyone Happy Sunday. I finally got some outdoor mileage in despite the wind making me feel like I was running with a lead vest on. I ended up covering 7.28 miles. I also got in 20 minutes of brazillian butt lift and 20 minutes of abs.

After recovering from my active morning we took the kiddos to get haircuts.

For a Sunday afternoon it wasnt super crowded so we were in and out pretty quickly. I think the most dramatic change of the group was Grace. Bob and I were sick of trying to comb/ detangle her hair and this gives her a cute new look to try. She keeps talking about her haicut and was pretty excited with the results.

The boys ended up looking pretty cute too

When we got home we had a nice lasagna dinner and a visit from Uncle Pete.
Hubby just got home from dropping him off and is getting the kids tucked in. I am resting on the couch as I did something to my right arch on my run, so I'm hoping that it will feel better in time for the gym tomorrow or there may be some lighter workouts in my future.

Well the Oscars are starting so I'm going to go watch a little before hitting the hay. Hope everyone had a good weekend.