Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lunchtime Exploring

Hey everyone Happy Tuesday. Had yesterday off and between catching up on laundry and hanging out with the kiddos there wasn't much time to blog. Today started with a good session at the gym. I overslept a little so I didn't get my weight portion in but got 5 miles on the bike, 20 minutes on the precor, and 1.25 miles on the treadmill done.

At work today we started our official training. Feels weird since I have been here almost two months, but glad to start getting the formal training so that I am as productive as I can be once I start working on these accounts.

At lunch I started the detox from last week with a nice salad with tuna. I then headed outside since its still unseasonably warm I wanted to get a little walk in. There is a trail that I can see from my parking lot but I never really ventured onto it, so today I figured I would check it out.

The trail actually goes quite a distance back. Since I only had 30 minutes allocated to walk I turned around a mile in but I felt like I got a nice little workout in

I got another 2.17 miles of walking in so I'm pretty close to keeping on track for my 4 mile a day goal. I might get the rest in while dinner is cooking but I'll see what my energy levels look like.

Tonight is pot pie night which is always super yummy but when I have a bigger dinner like that I try to keep it lighter during the day. Lately my colleagues have all taken turns bringing in dessert to the office. While the gesture is really nice of them, I feel like its setting me up to fall back into old habits of when I was a lot bigger. I feel conflicted though because I want to be social at the same time. I still got a little bit of time to decide but since I'm trying to start detoxing from all the heavy foods and drinking last week I might pass on this one.

Well on that note I should get back to my prework for my training session tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good rest of the day.


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