Sunday, March 4, 2012

Exhausting Weekend

Hey everyone sorry for the mia. Training week finally came to a close so hopefully I will be able to get back to daily blogging again. This weekend was an exhausting one. Yesterday was dentist day and all four kiddos got to go for their checkups.

Grace was up first

As dilligent as we try to be with brushing. Grace is our biggest offender of falling asleep without brushing her teeth. As a result she ended up with two cavities in her back baby teeth. Since she is supposed to have these baby teeth until about age 11 we will be going back in a couple weeks for some fillings which should be an interesting visit.

Tim and Jake did well with their visits. Their behavior in the waiting room well thats another story

Connor had his first visit. He watched a little while his siblings had their turn so he wouldn't be as nervous

I ended up laying in the chair with him, and he let the doctor brush his teeth with a regular toothbrush but that was about it.

The rest of yesterday as pretty laid back we got foodshopping done and things were pretty low key.

This morning my sister came over and we headed out for an outdoor run. Now a couple days ago we finally got some snow around here

Since it snowed it had started to get warmer out again so a lot of it has already melted but there were still some slick spots today. When I woke up I wasnt feeling it at all, I think the stress of life combined with that time of the month just had me feeling blah but I knew I had to exercise so we headed out. We ended up covering about 6.26 miles. Since my arch is still bugging me a little we slowed our pace down to about a 10:50 mile so it was more about distance than speed.

Running outside definitely gives you a wake up call as to where you are fitness wise. Running on the treadmill while a lot more boring feels so much easier. Hopefully with daylight savings coming up I can start to get some outdoor mileage in during the week too.

After my run, I finally forced myself to do some chores as they were sorely overdue. Got a good amount of laundry, and the bathrooms done.

So that was our weekend. Hope everyone had a good one as well. Right now this Mom is heading to bed, to start a new week of craziness tomorrow.
Goodnight :)

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