Sunday, March 25, 2012

Irish Feet Race Recap and the start of another week

Hey everyone, Happy Sunday. This blog is slowly turning into a weekly update as between work, and family stuff I have just been too wiped out to log back in to blog. I did want to check in and share a little race recap from my 5 mile race today though.

Me and my sis signed up. Traditionally this course had a couple grueling hills in it but to our surprise this year they changed the course and most of it ended up being part of my normal neighborhood loop. I ended up finishing in 44:15. My chip time said 44:17 but hubby took a pic for evidence and yes those two seconds count.

I started out a little too fast as I went by the mile marker at about an 8 minute pace, so I slowed it a little but still ended up finishing sub 9. I think running in race mode reaggravated my arch though as it was a little achy. Around mile 4 I just wanted to be done. Running later in the day is just not the same for me as I am more a first thing in the am type of girl so that pretty much explains my expression in this picture.

After my sis crossed we were all smiles though because I knew it was time to go home and hit the couch with Connor for a little bit which is always nice.

The rest of the afternoon I didn't do much other than nap and lay around with the kiddos as the weather was kind of rainy, and frankly I'm exhausted. In addition to trying to figure out my new job, we got the bad news that hubby got laid off. Now I know he's a hard worker and will get another job soon, it just adds to the financial worry as before this happened we were still trying to catch up from me being out. I know that worrying isnt going to help things, and that one way or another things will work out, but the stress is getting to be a little overwhelming so hopefully we will get a good break soon.

So that's the update. Its time for me to catch a few hours of sleep before the gym. Hope everyone has a good start to the week, and I will try to be back to post again soon.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky someone was there to take the pictures!!!!!