Thursday, April 12, 2012

The week got away from me...

Hey everyone I fully intended to blog yesterday but the day just got away from me which is happening a lot with all of life's responsibilities feel like I should change the name of this blog to barely keeping it running :)

Easter was good. The kids of course were spoiled as usual (Thank you target bins and Michaels)

This week has been pretty crazy.

Monday we had Jake's band concert

Tuesday we had our first soccer practice we are coaching three teams this year including Connor's micro team

Last night I was up way too late getting the taxes filed which thank God are nothing like what we owed last year, and tonight was bingo for books night at the kids school (No picture here, I was manning three cards and that bingo caller was not fooling around with her speed)

On the exercise front I have been keeping up with the exercise getting some good outdoor mileage in and a few trips to the gym. I am however still struggling with stress eating and am up 5 lbs so I am trying to get a better handle on that.

This weekend is the start of the soccer season so I will try my best to be back with an update earlier next week. Hope everyone is staying active and has a good end to week.


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