Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend recap and the start of April

Hey everyone was planning on blogging last night but I was exhausted and sleep won out so figured I would do what is becoming my weekly check in at lunch today.

This morning started out pretty good. I got 5.38 miles in this morning. It was a little chilly but its nice to see that its getting light again in the morning. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can start leaving for my runs before 6 and go a little bit longer to start upping the mileage.

On the family front things are pretty status quo. Hubby is looking for a new job and doing some work for his brother in the meantime and we are trying to keep our heads above water. Luckily our families have been very supportive but I think its starting to take a little bit of a toll on me as I have been definitely turing to not the greatest food for comfort and have been finding it somewhat hard to concentrate and keep everything straight.

Luckily my job is going well, and we still have each other despite the financial stress. This weekend we got some fun time in with the kiddos. Yesterday we took a hike with everyone at the Carlisle State forrest.

I almost got a good Christmas card picture nominee out of the batch too but I swear its impossible to get them all to look at you and smile at the same time

We probably coverered about three miles or so and the kids all had a good time.

The exercise also helped the afternoon at home get a lot quieter

Well since I need to get my 8 appointments this month I better get back to it. Hope everyone has a good week and is staying active.