Friday, August 31, 2012

The hunt begins for spin shoes

Hey everyone Happy Friday. Today started with a 5:30 am spin class. I was on the fence about taking it since I have my race tomorrow and wanted to rest my legs, but since I am planning on steaktips and probably a beer/beers to kick off the long weekend figured I would get out of bed and get to it.

The class was good. This week I have taken two with Steve one of the instructors at my gym, today was Jen who did my very first class last week. I am still on the fence who I like more as Steve plays more retro type music most of which I love but tends to have you do whole songs out of the saddle at a time versus Jen who likes to do a lot of jumps which to me seems like its working my butt more.

Tomorrow is the big 10 miler so this will tell me if its worth signing up for the half or not at the end of the month. I really thought the half was going to be in October and even though its a few days earlier than I thought its a bummer because I will be traveling for work the week before and to have it so close to my return and the day after soccer coaching is kinda making me not want to but we will see I am still officially on the fence.

At the end of class today the instructor was talking about getting shoes for class. I just dished out money for new running shoes, thankfully my cousin who works for New Balance hooked us up with a sweet discount so the money I would have paid for just my shoes actually got all the kiddos new ones . So far I am really loving these support wise

The instructor was mentioning how she was spinning with sneakers and developed plantar fascitis and thought it was from running but ended up being from spin. I haven't had any pain show up yet (of course I have only spun in my sneaks 4 times so far) but I'm curious to see what options there are out there.

Hubby who I have also got on the spinning kick was looking at shoes too, so this might be an expenditure that needs to wait until my next commission check but we are starting some preliminary research to see whats out there.  Any one use spin shoes that can offer a good suggestion? These look kind of cute 
Well on that note its time to head out. I actually am going to have a couple kid free hours as we got out of work early today yay so going to get some errands done where I only have to get me out of the car. Hope everyone has a good start to the long weekend. I will be back tomorrow with a race recap.

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