Sunday, March 25, 2012

Irish Feet Race Recap and the start of another week

Hey everyone, Happy Sunday. This blog is slowly turning into a weekly update as between work, and family stuff I have just been too wiped out to log back in to blog. I did want to check in and share a little race recap from my 5 mile race today though.

Me and my sis signed up. Traditionally this course had a couple grueling hills in it but to our surprise this year they changed the course and most of it ended up being part of my normal neighborhood loop. I ended up finishing in 44:15. My chip time said 44:17 but hubby took a pic for evidence and yes those two seconds count.

I started out a little too fast as I went by the mile marker at about an 8 minute pace, so I slowed it a little but still ended up finishing sub 9. I think running in race mode reaggravated my arch though as it was a little achy. Around mile 4 I just wanted to be done. Running later in the day is just not the same for me as I am more a first thing in the am type of girl so that pretty much explains my expression in this picture.

After my sis crossed we were all smiles though because I knew it was time to go home and hit the couch with Connor for a little bit which is always nice.

The rest of the afternoon I didn't do much other than nap and lay around with the kiddos as the weather was kind of rainy, and frankly I'm exhausted. In addition to trying to figure out my new job, we got the bad news that hubby got laid off. Now I know he's a hard worker and will get another job soon, it just adds to the financial worry as before this happened we were still trying to catch up from me being out. I know that worrying isnt going to help things, and that one way or another things will work out, but the stress is getting to be a little overwhelming so hopefully we will get a good break soon.

So that's the update. Its time for me to catch a few hours of sleep before the gym. Hope everyone has a good start to the week, and I will try to be back to post again soon.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekends always go by too quick

Hey everyone, finally took a minute to catch up . This weekend it was unseasonably warm as I sit here typing this in front of my open bedroom window at 9pm. Yesterday we celebrated my father in law's 83rd birthday. This included a nice ham dinner, and birthday cake. He seemed to have a really great time.

Prior to the little birthday party I got my cardio and a little weights in at the gym since I knew that I was going to attempt a longer run this morning.

Today I actually slept in until 8:30 which is late for me. I made everyone breakfast and then headed out to see how the arch was going to feel. I ended up getting in 7.35 miles and picked my pace back up a little. I'm still more focused on distance right now than speed so I was happy with that.

After the run, since it was such a nice day I had to get the kiddos out to run off some energy so we headed to another park in Dracut. Everyone of course had the same idea but the kids had fun just the same.

When we got home we changed the menu from the planned lasagna to burgers on the grill. My hubby makes the best cheesburgers and Connor agrees

We also stopped and got some ice cream to make sundaes for dessert

After baths I tried to work on some work but at this point I think the better bet is to head to bed, and then try to get an early start tomorrow so on that note I'm going to wrap this up. Hope everyone had a great weekend and I will be back with another update soon.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Still Alive

Hey sorry for the blog hiatus but been working on trying to get a lot of administrative stuff done at work that is taking up a good portion of the day. So much so that the last place I want to be after work is the computer. Arch is still a little iffy but I did manage 4 miles on the treadmill today. Hopefully I will get back outside this weekend as I did a run on Tuesday but it was way too dark due to daylight savings so I will probably have to invest in a vest or light or something if I attempt that again during the next couple weeks. This weekend is my father in law's birthday so I will be back with pics and a recap of that this weekend. In the meantime hope everyone is having a good and active week, time for me to go veg a little in front of the tv.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Missing that Hour

Hey everyone, here we are the start of another week. Sorry my blogs have been sporadic as of late but now that I am starting to actually perform the job I was hired for, it doesnt seem like I have enough hours in the day.

The arch was bugging me yesterday so I planned to run outside this am but I had a couple things working against me. First I stayed up way too late working on work stuff so I only got about 5 hours of sleep. Secondly it looked like this outside

So off to the gym I went. I got 2.11 miles on the treadmill and 20 minutes of precor and 5 minutes of eliptical done. I probably could have tried to run despite the dark but trying to do a decent run on limited sleep is never fun.

Today was a nice warm day out with highs in the 70's. This is unusually warm for this time of year so I brought my sneaks with the intent to get a little walk outside at lunch. Sadly that didn't happen. Hopefully tomorow one way or another Ill get outside for a little bit as I am really craving some fresh air and a little vitamin d.

Well right now I am heading to bed I will try my best for more posts this week. Hope everyone had a great start to the week. Goodnight!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Down to Business

Hey everyone so much for more frequent postings I know. I'm still here and trying to balance it all but now that I'm actually doing my job it is taking quite a bit of my time. So much so that I have started to bring lunch back to my desk.

The job is going great so far. My team are all super supportive and receptive to working with me which makes life so much easier. From the accounts I researched so far this week it seems that they are all in similar markets so it hopefully will translate well when it comes time to create the hypothesis/messaging I'm going to use on the phones next week.

On the fitness front I'm staying active. After my run with my sis on Sunday my arch started to hurt a little again, I decided to cross train on Monday, then tried to run on Tuesday but after a mile on the treadmill it wasnt happening so I have been staying active rotating with other means of cardio like the bike, stairclimber, and eliptical as well as weights.

I am also trying to fit in a little exercise with one of my brazillian butt lift dvds after dinner but only accomplished that last night as with all this research by the time the kids are ready for bed, so am I.

The next couple days are supposed to be nice weather wise so I might try to get a few outdoor miles in tomorrow am but I'll see how the arch is feeling then.

Right now its back to my research. Hope everyone is having a great week I'll post again soon.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Exhausting Weekend

Hey everyone sorry for the mia. Training week finally came to a close so hopefully I will be able to get back to daily blogging again. This weekend was an exhausting one. Yesterday was dentist day and all four kiddos got to go for their checkups.

Grace was up first

As dilligent as we try to be with brushing. Grace is our biggest offender of falling asleep without brushing her teeth. As a result she ended up with two cavities in her back baby teeth. Since she is supposed to have these baby teeth until about age 11 we will be going back in a couple weeks for some fillings which should be an interesting visit.

Tim and Jake did well with their visits. Their behavior in the waiting room well thats another story

Connor had his first visit. He watched a little while his siblings had their turn so he wouldn't be as nervous

I ended up laying in the chair with him, and he let the doctor brush his teeth with a regular toothbrush but that was about it.

The rest of yesterday as pretty laid back we got foodshopping done and things were pretty low key.

This morning my sister came over and we headed out for an outdoor run. Now a couple days ago we finally got some snow around here

Since it snowed it had started to get warmer out again so a lot of it has already melted but there were still some slick spots today. When I woke up I wasnt feeling it at all, I think the stress of life combined with that time of the month just had me feeling blah but I knew I had to exercise so we headed out. We ended up covering about 6.26 miles. Since my arch is still bugging me a little we slowed our pace down to about a 10:50 mile so it was more about distance than speed.

Running outside definitely gives you a wake up call as to where you are fitness wise. Running on the treadmill while a lot more boring feels so much easier. Hopefully with daylight savings coming up I can start to get some outdoor mileage in during the week too.

After my run, I finally forced myself to do some chores as they were sorely overdue. Got a good amount of laundry, and the bathrooms done.

So that was our weekend. Hope everyone had a good one as well. Right now this Mom is heading to bed, to start a new week of craziness tomorrow.
Goodnight :)