Monday, May 14, 2012

What's new with me and mother's day recap

Hey everyone I know its been a couple weeks. I'm still here just really busy continuing to learn the new job. Fitness wise I have been staying active, although my diet still needs to get a little healthier so I am contemplating starting to food journal again. This past weekend was very nice, I had a really fun mothers day. After soccer on Saturday we headed down to the beach and to eat at one of my favorite restaurants The Old Salt and then let the kids run around on the beach
On Sunday I went for a run and then had a nice pancake breakfast followed by presents from the kiddos
Later in the day we headed over to my Mom's to celebrate with some cake
On a work front things are crazy busy but in a good way. I actually received my first award for the top new hire business development consultant. I got a nice letter from the executive team and a $50 gift card. The craziness is what is keeping me away from blogging because by the time I get home I typically get dinner, tubs, and homework done and then collapse. I will try to get back to at least weekly updates as time permits. So that is the update for now. Hope everyone is staying active, until next time :)